[Fix] Gba4ios Crash : Gba4ios could not be installed at this time

Recently we had published a few guides and articles on how to install and download Gba4iOS for iOS 9 and above without jailbreaks which helped many of our readers who were not interested in jailbreaking their devices. We have recently found out that some of our esteemed users are facing some minor issues while installing GBA4iOS on their iPhone or iPad or even iPod touch.

Some have even pointed this out that they are currently facing the error that “GBA4iOS Could Not be Installed at this particular time” error. If you are one of those unlucky one’s who are facing such errors of GBA4iOS Could Not be Installed at this time error then you are in right place and we’ll help you fix the issue.

GBA4iOS used to work flawlessly earlier on iOS 9 and iOS 9.1 until it was revoked for some unknown reasons which I expect to be some DMCA related stuff and this had made it incompatible with iOS 9.2. Recently developers of the app updated GBA4iOS for iOS 9.2 through which users could now install their beloved app without jailbreaking their devices. Many users had installed GBA4iOS as a majority of people don’t jailbreak, on their iOS 9.2 devices straight away after it had been released while some now are unable to install the app i.e. GBA4iOS on iOS 9.2.


How to Fix GBA4iOS ‘Could not be Installed at this particular time Error’

If you are facing this issue then it’s not your fault at all and you are not the only one as there are many people out there who are facing this problem which is exactly similar to yours.

If you would install GBA4iOS on your non-jailbroken device then it is well estimated that you’ll be doomed for facing this issue namely – “GBA4iOS Could Not be Installed in this particular instance” or “GBA4iOS Could not be downloaded at this particular time”.

So to update our readers, we have some workarounds to fix these issues that have been constantly plaguing the people.So now let us introduce the steps to you about how you can overcome “GBA4iOS Could not be Installed at this instance” Error. This method is really very simple and this will only take a few minutes of your time. So let’s now go ahead and fix the issue out of its roots.

Fix for “GBA4iOS could not be Installed at this time” Error

I personally have also faced this issue and recently discovered a workaround which would fix these issues; I also have tried the same on many other devices before writing this article. If you are having some concerns then you need not worry because it is the safest method to fix the GBA4iOS emulator errors while downloading and installing the app.

  • Unlock your iOS device and Open up the default Safari browser on your iDevice.
  • To follow up you would require downloading iOSEMUS.
  • After installing the iOSEmus app, you can install your favorite GBA4iOS.
  • Now you can expect not to face any errors while installing GBA4iOS.
  • If iOSEmus method didn’t work for you then you can try below another method with necessary steps to fix the errors.
  • Unlock your device again go to your Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now open up your Safari Browser.
  • Tap on this link – https://goo.gl/2m2xvY to navigate to GBA4iOS’s download page.
  • Now tap on Getting and install GBA4iOS on iOS 9.2

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[Fix] Gba4ios Crash : Gba4ios could not be installed at this time
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