Top 6 Must Have Apps for Apple iPhone6

Must Have Apps for Apple iPhone6 :- iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones which is launched by Apple. If you have purchased iPhone 6 we are sure that you would love to install some applications on it in order to increase its functionality.

Must Have For Iphone

There are a lot of applications available in Apple iTunes app store which you can download and install on your iPhone 6 and today we are going to share the Top 6 Must have app for Apple iPhone 6.


iPhone comes with limited storage as there is no option to add external micro SD card. If you are running out of storage then you can install Dropbox which is an online cloud storage application. You can easily upload the songs, videos and other files which are present on your iPhone on your Dropbox account.

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If you love clicking selfies and sharing them with your friends you got to install Instagram, the best social photo sharing application. The app works well with Apple’s 3D touch technology as you will get quick options to send the messages directly or create a new post. The app can be downloaded for free from Apple iTunes app store.

Hipstamatic Camera

The stock camera application in iPhone 6 works well however you can install Hipstamatic camera, a camera application which is available for iOS devices. You will get a lot of advanced features which are not available in the stock camera application of your iPhone. You can also select from different filters available in the app to edit your photos.

Sky guide

The next app which makes to our list of Top 6 must have app for Apple iPhone 6 is Sky guide. If you love discovering crazy facts then you should use Sky guide. The app comes with a clean user interface which makes it easier for one to access it. You can enable the notifications and get them in the notification center widget of your iPhone.


If you are having a lot of documents on your iPhone then you need to use Documents. The app will help you in managing all the files which are stored on your iPhone. Not only can you access the files present in the storage of your device but also on online cloud services like iCloud or Dropbox. The app can be downloaded for free from Apple iTunes app store for Apple iPhone 6.

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Transmit iOS

Last but not the least is Transmit. The app will help you in the management of all the files and folders which are present on your iPhone. You can also create your own virtual cloud storage in a few seconds using Transmit iOS for free. There are different protocols compatible with Transmit iOS which are S3, SFTP, FTP and WebDav. Transmit is a premium app and you need to pay $5 to download this app on your iPhone.


These are the 6 apps which all the iPhone users should install on their iPhone. These applications will help you in getting the best out of your iPhone.

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